How to Fight Bad Breath

One of the most embarrassing problems for anyone to deal with is bad breath, or halitosis as it is sometimes called. People suffering from chronic bad breath have trouble living a normal social life because the smell of their breath prevents other people from wanting to get close to them.

How to Check The Smell of Your Breath

Probably the worst part about dealing with chronic bad breath is the fact you can't smell your breath so don't know how bad it smells. Even though the people can definitely smell how bad your breath is, most people won't want to tell you that your breath stinks because it might hurt your feelings. Luckily, there are various ways you can check the smell of your breath yourself and see if it needs some freshening up. One of these methods to check the smell of your breath yourself involves using a cotton ball to swab inside your mouth. Once you swab your mouth with the cotton ball you'll then be able to smell how bad your breath is by putting the cotton ball up to your nose.

Another self-test for halitosis sufferers is known as the halimeter. This is a dental instrument that checks the level of volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs, inside your mouth. Volatile sulfur compounds are the smelly odors that everyone around you smells when you're talking. These sulfur compounds are created by bacteria, plaque, and leftover food particles inside the mouth. The great thing about the halimeter is that you can see exactly what sulfur compound is causing your bad breath problems. Once you know the exact compounds inside your mouth causing your halitosis you'll be use the right treatment to stop the problem.

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What Causes Bad Breath

A number of things can cause bad breath, but the most common cause is a build up of odor causing bacteria inside your mouth. Other things that can lead to halitosis include:

Poor Oral Hygiene - When you don't brush your teeth regularly, floss in between your teeth, and rinse your mouth out daily with mouthwash the odor causing bacteria can build up and cause chronic bad breath.

Diet - Your daily diet can cause halitosis when you eat a lot of foods like onions and garlic which strengthen the volatile sulfur compounds inside your mouth. Stay away from foods that contribute to your bad breath problems in order to get rid of it permanently.

Medications - Certain medications can cause bad breath because they make your mouth too dry. Excessive mouth dryness leads to bad breath because it gives the odor causing bacteria a chance to build up.

Health Conditions - Health conditions like diabetes can cause halitosis because it produces VSCs inside the mouth.

Digestive Disorders - Digestive disorders that affect the natural balance inside your stomach can cause bad breath problems as well. Digestive conditions known to cause bad breath include acid reflux or GERD, IBS, and upset stomach. Get a handle on the health of your gut in order to stop bad breath.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

If you want to get rid of bad breath permanently you're going to have to kill the bacteria in your mouth that produces the volatile sulfur compounds. Once you inhibit the production of these smelly compounds inside your mouth the smell of your breath will improve drastically.

One way to kill the sulfur producing bacteria inside your mouth is to gargle your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide contains certain antibacterial properties that will kill the odor causing bacteria.

Drinking green tea is another way to inhibit the production of volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth. Green tea contains powerful antibacterial properties that will quickly go to work clearing out the bacteria inside your mouth. Drink at least 3 cups of green tea to get the best results.